Save Our Villages ( Newhey and Milnrow ) website... informing the residents of Newhey and Milnrow about plans ( GMSF ) to build on the Green Belt surrounding our villages
The original plans are available to see here.....Greater Manchester Spatial Framework They are currently being redrawn.


Thousands join in Greenbelt development protest

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After hearing about the Greater Manchester Spacial Framework planned proposals in October 2016 - this framework is a joint plan for Greater Manchester that will provide the land for jobs and new homes across the city region also including some Greenbelt land - a group of local residents from Newhey and Milnrow came together to investigate further into the GMSF.  The groups findings were that a large swathe of Greenbelt land behind Newhey and Milnrow leading from the Junction 21 of the M62 through to Shaw and Crompton was earmarked in the proposed plans for the building of 1500 homes and industrial units on this piece of Greenbelt land.


The group of residents, who call themselves Save Our Villages (Newhey & Milnrow) Protect Our Greenbelt group, formed to save our green areas around our villages so that our communities are not swamped by urban sprawl and infrastructure problems building en masse would bring to this area.  This stretch of countryside comprises of farmland, recreational areas, wildlife habitats and public footpaths.  The group has always set out to be politically impartial but at the same time being able to enter into dialogue with all political parties on this subject.  This has been the case with the excellent support given by the Milnrow & Newhey local Councillors Andy Kelly, Irene Davidson and Neil Butterworth.


Building on brownfield sites is an alternative to building on Greenbelt land but more ideas are needed and the Save Our Villages group are exploring other avenues to give us a chance of saving our precious green areas around our towns and villages that is so vital for our populations' health and well-being. Our Neighbourhood Planning Conference in July highlighted the idea of perhaps going down the route f a Local Neighbourhood Plan.


To give you an idea what our group have been organising and taking part in since our formation in November 2016, here are the main highlights:


Nov/Dec 2016        -  Representatives from the group attended 'drop in' sessions on

                                     the GMSF in Shaw, Milnrow & Rochdale

1st January 2017    -  Save our Greenbelt walk at Tandle Hill Park

13th January 2017 -  Meeting for Newhey & Milnrow residents at Newhey Lodge to        

                                     raise awareness and assist with objections to the proposed 

                                     GMSF plans

16th February 2017 - Meeting with the Leader of the Council Richard Farnell

25th February 2017 - Mayoral Hustings for all GM Save the Greenbelt groups     

                                      organised by our group at The Friends Meeting House,


1st April 2017           - Save Our Greenbelt Rally at Manchester Town Hall

11th April 2017         - our group met with Steven Irvine the Head of Planning and 

                                     Infrastructure at Oldham BC

25th April 2017        - Mayoral Hustings in Slattocks

2nd June 2017         - MP Hustings for Milnrow & Newhey residents organised by

                                     our group at Milnrow Cricket Club

5th June 2017          - MP Hustings at Rochdale Parish Church

1st July 2017             - Our group organised a Neighbourhood Planning Conference

                                      at Manchester University for all the GM Save the Greenbelt 


21st Sept 2017          - Meeting with Councillor Andy Kelly

28th October 2017   - Meeting with Councillor Neil Butterworth

9th December 2017  - Meeting with Councillor Irene Davidson


In addition to the above the group have set up our own Twitter account, Facebook page and website, links are below.  The group have recently obtained the assistance of a University graduate to carry out a study on air pollution in the area.  We hope to publish and distribute leaflets in the area and are in the process of writing a newsletter to be distributed in the New Year.


A recent statement by the new Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham, stated that the GMSF is to be rewritten and that brownfield sites are being considered first for development and regeneration in town centres becoming a priority.  Our hope is that this is a step in the right direction and that our voices and the many people who took time out to object to the proposed plans are being listened to.  An added bonus for our group is that we have two members on the Greater Manchester Save The Greenbelt Partnership that represents all the Save The Greenbelt groups around Manchester and keeps us up to date with relevant GMSF matters.


Our group understands that there has to be a forward thinking plan for Greater Manchester that helps our towns grow and prosper over the next few decades and our aim is by negotiation and awareness to protect our countryside for future generations in the new plan. 



  • The group to consider looking at the idea of a Neighbourhood Plan
  • Check our Rochdale Councils' Local Plan
  • Await the publication of the Brownfield Register on 31st December 2017
  • Publication and distribution of our newsletter in January 2018
  • 3rd March 2018 Greater Manchester - the people's vision for our future Conference looking at solutions
  • June 2018 release of the new proposed GMSF plan with a 12 week consultation period



New members to the Save our Villages group are always welcome.  If you are interested in getting involved then contact us through Facebook etc.........


Members of our group are:  Gerard Booth, Yassamin & David Brewster, Ian Gerrard, Kenneth Hall, Tracey Hartnell-Booth, Jill & Colin Harvey, Judith Jones, Ellen Kay, Geoff Ogden, Julie & Chris Sandham, Esther Towler


Facebook link: save our villages (Newhey& Milnrow) Protect the Greenbelt

Twitter link: Newhey&Milnrow

Website address:




Past Events

Newhey and Milnrow Community Group Hustings.


Newhey and Milnrow Community Group have organised this Hustings at Milnrow Cricket Club.

It's open to anyone but we would particularly welcome the people of Newhey and Milnrow.

The purpose of the Hustings is to listen and ask questions of our prospective parliamentary MP. They have all agreed to attend and we are looking forward to hearing them speak.

Candidates for the MP of Rochdale

- Andy Kelly

- Simon Danczuk

- Jane Howard

- Andy Littlewood

- Tony Lloyd

- Christopher Baksa




Milnrow Cricket Club

Harbour Lane



OL16 4HF




Why are we doing this?

Lots of people have said that they did not have an idea what the Mayoral Candidates stood for and could not vote.

Well... here is your opportunity to listen and be heard.

Save the date (2nd June) and get your questions ready!

- Will they ensure the needs of this community are also met as well as the wider borough?

- How will we keep our local identity without being amalgamated into an urban sprawl?

- What about our local healthcare facilities?

- What about our transport system?

- How will the person elected be able to withstand party pressures to work for the greater good of their constituency